Digital Learning at Kadina Memorial School

May 23, 2017 0 comments

The world of digital learning is vast, expansive and ever increasing. In only a decade we have become connected like no other time in human history through the arrival and availability of relatively inexpensive and accessible mobile devices, laptops, game consoles and of course, mobile phones.

Kadina Memorial School hosts in excess of 2000 internet connected devices and machines daily. Our students communicate, create and collaborate in digital learning tasks as varied as shared documents and presentations, online research, game design, robotics and graphic arts. They use online environments such as Moodle, Edmodo and Kahoot to share and communicate about their learning.

For our students, digital learning is not restricted to traditionally digitised subjects such as Technology, Science and Mathematics. Anytime a student uses a connected device or machine to access learning or a learning task, we call this digital learning. The technology not only changes what we do, it changes where we do it.
As we have grown our dependence on a connected learning environment, we are also growing our knowledge of effective STEM and 21st Century Learning Design.

A snapshot of Kadina Memorial School will show Early Years students exploring coding and computational thinking alongside Jolly Phonics and Reading Eggs. Our Primary Years students engage with Mathletics and the internet while our Middle School students record their dance moves and try to have programmable robots copy them. Senior students collaborate and share their learning in online environments and produce quality media and craft showcasing their achievements.

As you next pass through the school or check your child’s learning, take a moment to consider how their learning is different to yours and ask yourself ‘where is the collaboration with others, where is the construction of knowledge, where can I see some self-regulation, where’s the real world learning and where’s the skilled use of communication? Because it’s the answers to these questions that drives the digital learning at Kadina Memorial School.

David Easter

Digital Learning Coordinator

Digital Learning
Digital Learning


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