Kadina Memorial School Honour Roll Application

May 03, 2021 0 comments

Kadina Memorial School Honour Roll application 03.05.21

Request for Recognition on Kadina Memorial School Memorial Wall

This form is to be used by anyone requesting an addition of a name to the Kadina Memorial School War Memorial.

To be considered and uphold the integrity, historical significance and honour of the Memorial Wall, the following criteria must be met by the nominee:

• Nominee must have been a former student at Kadina Primary School, Kadina Memorial High School or Kadina Memorial School.
• Nominee must have served overseas in the Australian armed forces.
• Provide evidence of Australian Active Service, such as a Certificate of Service, issuing of Australian Active Service medal OR return from active service badge etc indicates warlike service.
• Peacekeeping Operations are at the Panel’s discretion, taking into account the nominee’s specific duties in a warlike environment (landmines, militia) and potential conflict which reflect the original intention of the Memorial Wall. The Panel may seek guidance and advice from the Australian Defence Force as well as follow-up enquiries with the nominee.

NOTE: All discussions and decisions are confidential between the panel and nominee.

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