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Daymap is a learning and student management system that helps augment existing school systems to make life easier for staff, students and parents. If you haven't logged into your an account for Day-map Parent Portal please do so, this is the main form of communication in the 7-12 World. Click on the Daymap logo to be redirected to the Parent Portal and follow the instructions on that page to log in. If you are having any issues please contact ICT Support.


School and Community Library

The school library is exploring options to ensure students have reading materials at home during term 2. Students can access and search the school library system at home for relevant resources eg. Lexile or non-fiction books. Please Click on the library.
For more information about borrowing and collection please call Kerry Rover on 8821 0175 or email: Kerry Rover
The Community Library has a click & collect service available. Please ring 8821 0444 or email library Copper Coast any requests.

Student Requirements for Online Learning.

Microsoft teams

Kadina Memorial School have selected Microsoft Teams for our home learning digital platform. Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration. If you have haven't downloaded teams please click on the teams picture located on the left to download and install the current version. Use your learnlink username and password to access team resources.

How to Install Teams

Microsoft Teams Install Tutorials

Kadina Memorial School Support onsite, Apple iPad, Apple Macbook and Microsoft devices. On the left you can select what device you have and follow the step by step video guide on how to install Teams and How to login in.

If you have any issues feel free to contact ICT Support via our Support Page Here

Digital Resources

use the to submit ICT issues.


Helplines and counselling for young people and parents

This guide contains details for services operating Australia-wide. The purpose of CFCA reference guides is to bring together information from various sources to provide a quickly accessible single reference guide.

The eSafety Commissioner (eSafety) is Australia’s national independent regulator for online safety. Our purpose is to help safeguard Australians at risk from online harms and to promote safer, more positive online experiences.


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