Your children and the bushfire season

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Your Children and the Bushfire Season

Kadina Memorial School has a ‘low risk’ bushfire rating.

This means on days of forecast catastrophic fire danger rating, our school will remain open.

Students travelling by bus or taxi

On days forecast as catastrophic fire danger, school bus routes and taxi services travelling through the affected Fire Ban Districts will be cancelled for the period of the forecast.

If the bus picks up your child/children in the morning, and during the day the forecast changes to catastrophic, then the child/children unless you are notified by text will be returned to their stop in the afternoon.

If a bushfire is reported in the area during the day the Principal will contact local emergency services for advice regarding accessibility of roads travelled by school buses/taxis, with affected bus/taxi not leaving the school until the roads are declared safe by emergency services authorities.

If buses/taxis are cancelled parents will be notified via a text message and social media platforms Facebook and Class Dojo. Students will be supervised at school until buses / taxis can run or students are collected by parents.

To ensure that we are able to contact families affected, it is important that your contact information is kept up to date.  Please phone the Front Office on 8821 0100 to update any changes.

For more information: Department for Education; visit the SA Country Fire Service (CFS) website; CFS Bushfire Information Line 1300 362 361; tune into ABC Radio for updates or download the “Alert SA” app to monitor your area.

During days of catastrophic fire danger rating or an actual bushfire, an Emergency Information Hotline will be activated, 1800 000 279.

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