The Kadina Memorial School community is invited to attend the next Governing Council meeting on Wednesday 30 November, in the Hospitality Centre at 7pm, where the 2017 Materials and Services Charge will be discussed and approved. The Materials and Services charge is an amount charged to parents for the cost of the items and services provided to the student.
The Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) has determined the standard sum for 2017 as $231.00 Reception – Year 7 and $305.00 Years 8 – 12.
In 2017, the Kadina Memorial School Finance Advisory Committee has approved that the 2017 Materials and Services Charge be set at the standard sum.
A copy of the ‘Material and Services Charges’ and ‘Other Charges’ is within this week’s newsletter for your perusal, or download below.
If you have any concerns with these charges parents/caregivers/students can express their views in writing to the Finance Manager prior to the meeting.

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Disability Unit - Year 8 to 12
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