Kadina Memorial School’s calendar is a carefully planned document which is updated fortnightly after a Decision Making Committee (DMC) meets to assess all proposed R-12 school community events.

DMC aims to promote good communication within our school community and provide a forum for any member of the school community to discuss proposals.

Numerous events are considered ‘Annual Events’.  These are deemed as significant and worthy to a student’s educational experiences.  A DMC form is still required for an annual event as it acknowledges venues, cost and staffing change from year to year.  Annual events are listed on the DMC form.

Staff, students, parents and community groups are welcome to submit a DMC form for consideration.

All DMC proposals are published in Kadina Memorial School’s fortnightly newsletter prior to being discussed at the meeting.  This is considered the public consultation phase.  It allows our school community an opportunity to consider a proposal, ask questions and attend a DMC meeting to seek further clarification.

The DMC form can be accessed here:

KMS Decision Making Committee Form