Kadina Memorial School is an R-12 school with almost 1,200 students situated on Northern Yorke Peninsula.  Many of our students travel by bus from outlying towns. The School began in 2013 following the amalgamation of Kadina Primary School and Kadina Memorial High School.  During the amalgamation process the community overwhelmingly supported the reference to ‘Memorial’ in our name honouring past service-men and women from the region.

Student Learning

KMS educators work closely with families to ensure the most effective individual learning plans for students.  Parent/teacher interviews for all students are held at various times throughout the year to discuss student progress, plans and goals.  Families are advised of interview dates via our fortnightly newsletter, facebook, circulars, Term Calendar and the free Skoolbag app which can be downloaded onto a smartphone.    Families are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher/s at any time should they wish to discuss their child’s education.

KMS has Early Learning Years (R-2), Primary Years (3-6), Middle School (7-9), Senior School (10-12), Flex/Flo Learning Centre and Disability Unit.  There is a class for middle and senior students with additional needs.  Employment and career pathway options are available for senior students through VET.

The key improvement areas for our school are Literacy, Numeracy, Optimism and Resilience.  Through these focus areas we are in essence building ‘powerful learners’ –  to enquire, build on current knowledge, deal with setbacks and have the growth mindset to continue and expand learning.

KMS has developed an ‘onion layer’ of how to encourage children to be independent thinkers, problem-solvers, and tolerant citizens.

Each R-6 Class has also developed a mantra:

  •  ‘Be a friend’
  •  ‘We respect and care for everyone in our school family’
  •  ‘Have courage and be kind’
  •   ‘It’s not ‘I don’t know’ it’s ‘I’ll give it a go’’
  •  ‘You don’t have to know to grow, it’s trying that makes the difference’
  •  ‘Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’’
  •  ‘Happiness x kindness + respect = smiles :)
  •  ‘You can’t always win, but you can always try’
  •  ‘We try our best and don’t give up’
  •  ‘Everyone belongs. We are kind. We care’

‘You may not know something … yet!’

~ Inaugural Principal Mr Dean Angus ~