Information Technology

Students in Year 9 – Year 12 2022:

Since 2013 Kadina Memorial School has successfully implemented a BYOD program, The aim of the program was to allow students to use their own Microsoft/ Apple Device as a learning tool while at Kadina Memorial School. Year 9-12 Students are required to have an Apple Mac, or Microsoft Windows Device (please read minimal requirements below).
If you have any questions regarding the ICT requirements for your child please feel free to contact the school.

BYOD Purchase Portal – Start ordering today:

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Families are able to purchase a Microsoft Windows / Apple Device from a supplier of their choice, however, please ensure the device meets minimal hardware requirements set by the school. 

Alternatively, you may wish to purchase a school “ready to go” device that meets the minimal hardware requirements from two third party suppliers, CompNow and HP, through a portal on the school website.

When purchasing the devices through the portal there is an option to apply for finance. The finance companies are independent and are not related to the school. Families are encouraged to read conditions carefully before signing.

If you need any further support with IT or finance please contact the school.

Select between Windows device or Apple device below

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BYOD-Year 9-12 (Apple or Windows Device)

Minimum Hardware Requirements
Windows Device – (Laptop, Notebook or 2 in 1 Device)
  • Windows 10 (S mode not supported)
  • 11.6-inch screen (1366×768 resolution minimum)
  • 256GB SSD (256GB SSD is Preferred)
  • 8GB RAM
  • Intel i3/i5/i7 (i3 7th gen or older is not supported)
  • USB
  • Wireless a/b/g/b (must be dual band 2.4/5.0Ghz)
  • At least 7 hours of battery life (to cover school day)
  • Carry Case
Apple Device – (Macbook, Macbook Air)
Macbook 2014 models both Pros/Air are still acceptable at our site.
  • Mac OS X Mojave
  • 13-inch screen (1366×768 resolution minimum)
  • 256GB (512GB SSD is preferred)
  • 8GB RAM
  • Intel i5/i7 or Apple M1
  • Wireless
  • USB
  • At least 7 hours of battery life (to cover school day)
  • Carry Case


Microsoft Office Suite

The Education Department will provide cloud/internet access to Learn link Office 365 and downloadable Office 365 Pro Plus (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) to all students. There are conditions for use of Office 365. This software will be available to students at no charge. Parents who wish to ‘opt out’ of this offer are required to do so in writing.



Daymap is our learning management system with functions for daily bulletins, lessons, lesson notes and student notes, assessment and does require the use of a device for access at school. External access to Daymap is also available to students and parents.



Learn Link is the Department for Education product that provides email/portals in public schools.  It offers
  • Email and internet filtering
  • Automated identity management
  • Larger mailbox – 50 GB
  • Personal web-based storage – up to 1 Tb in One Drive
  • Email attachments – up to 6 Mb
Login will be the same for all email access through Learn Link and passwords will need to change regularly – students will need to protect their password and remember it as well as the access questions when changing it in future.

Frequently asked questions?

Does your school support Android Devices?
No our site does not support Android due to network restrictions.
Does your School Support Chromebooks instead of Laptops or MacBooks?
No our site does not support Chromebooks due to issues with logging into secure networks, Software not supported.
How do I get access to the Daymap as a parent?
We have instructions available on our website Click here.
Do I need to buy software for my child’s device?
No we supply access to range software available while your student is studying at Kadina Memorial School.
Should I buy extended warranty or accidental damage protection for my child’s device or devices?
This is a personal preference, however, would recommend Apple care+ for apple devices, as it extends the warranty and covers 2 accidental breakages. This also applies for windows devices, you can ask for prices for extended warranty and cover for accidental breakage. 
Can I buy second-hand devices for my child?
Yes if it meets the minimal requirements we have set, however be in mind that second-hand devices have no warranty.


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