Powerful Learners

Conditions that best develop the qualities of a Powerful Learner:

  • Be Friendly towards us
  • Understand that you are a role models for us
  • Try not to interrupt us when we are thinking and recording our thoughts
  • when you are explaining things to us, please give us a break every now and then.  Too much information all at once makes it hard to keep from tuning out
  • Keep the conversation relevant
  • Bring what we are learning about to life – we need to know where it fits in the ‘real world’
  • Help us go deep into learning rather than just brushing the surface
  • Challenge us to a degree that is just above our past success
  • Encourage us to ask the questions rather than having us answer the questions you already know the answer to
  • Involve us more in interesting discussions and let us have our own opinion
  • Let us decide when we need help and try to be available when we have a learning hurdle to jump
  • When we ask for help, coach us – please don’t tell us the answer
  • Make sure we have the time to master what we are learning

    Powerful Learners
    Powerful Learners
  • Give us regular, constructive feedback about our learning
  • Help us to view failure as a step in the learning process
  • Remember that we all learn differently
  • Let us choose our own way of doing things if that works for us
  • Be prepared to learn from us
  • Avoid embarrassing us in front of other students – this makes it harder for us to learn
  • Work out better ways to help the kids who often interrupt the class
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