Why does the school have some composite classes instead of having all straight year level classes?
Staffing is dependent upon the enrolment in each year level. The class distribution is considered on the basis of student numbers. The distribution of classes may change each year according to enrolments in the school and the effect of different numbers in each class or year group.

My child is in a composite class, will they be disadvantaged?
No, within any classroom setting there is a diverse range of abilities where the teacher is required to differentiate. In accordance with the Australian Curriculum, all students are assessed according to their assigned year level.

Why do some classes operate using a shared approach?
Particular learning environments within the school lend themselves to a more collaborative type of teaching and learning (e.g. Early Years: Wambana). Highly collaborative practices and continuity of learning is an expectation of all classes at Kadina Memorial School. Collaborative learning environments are a fantastic opportunity for students to be exposed to a range of different teaching and learning styles.

How are students involved in the placement process?
Rec to Year 9 students are asked to nominate some students in their year level that they work well with and support them in their learning.

Where possible they are a placed with at least one learning buddy. This may differ from the request of families. Senior school placements are dependent on subject selection.

Can I request a particular teacher for my child either in writing or through discussion with my child’s present teacher?
No, this is not part of the class placement process.

Can I provide information to support the informed placement of my child?
Yes, as long as the information is consistent with our placement criteria.

Why haven’t my requests been actioned?
All family requests are seriously considered and recorded. At times, family requests can be conflicting (to another family’s request, to the student’s request, from the professional opinion of the teacher).

Do teachers request certain student placements into their class?
No, as teachers are not generally assigned to a class until after the class placement process. Teachers focus on class balance to ensure a successful year for all classes.

When I get my child’s class placement, can I request that it be changed?
The class placements are considered final. Changes to placements are rare due to the fact they cause a chain reaction and impact on the class balance. We consider the learning and wellbeing of each individual during the placement process and the families must realise their child is part of a complex equation in school placements.

How can I help my child during this process?
Families can help by supporting the informed decisions of the staff and ensuring all conversations with their children are positive and encouraging.