Digital Strategy Survey 2021

June 02, 2021 0 comments

Digital strategy survey is now open – have your say!

As part of our plan to build world-class education in South Australia, the Department for Education is developing a new digital strategy.

The digital strategy will:

  • set a clear vision for using digital technology across our education system.
  • outline how we use digital technology to maximise student learning
  • how we prepare children to learn, live and work in a digitally driven world.
  • The digital strategy will focus on four key themes:
  • improving and enhancing teaching and learning
  • a productive workplace
  • effective data use
  • alignment to broader government opportunities. You can have your say by completing the online survey (10-15 min).

    For more information about the Digital Strategy, visit the Department for Education website

  • The strategy will also look beyond offices and classrooms and consider how technology can benefit communities and the state.

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