Mindset Matters

August 22, 2016 0 comments

Mindset Matters – A KMS Focus

Classes across the school have been working on mindset and the impact it can have on learning.

People with a growth mindset are those who believe smartness increases with hard work, whereas those with a fixed mindset believe you can learn things but you can’t change your basic level of intelligence.

Mindsets are critically important because they lead to different learning behaviours, which in turn create different learning outcomes. When people change their mindsets and start to believe they can learn to high levels, they change their learning pathways and achieve at higher levels.

Miss Emma’s Year 2 class has been learning about mindset with the character Mojo. They are aware it’s good to struggle and that their brain grows when they make mistakes.

In a study, seventh-grade students were given a survey to measure their mindset. Then researchers followed the students over two years to monitor their mathematics achievement. The results were dramatic, as the achievement of the students with a fixed mindset stayed constant, but the achievement of those with a growth mindset went onward and upward (Blackwell et al., 2007)

Mindset Matters
Mindset Matters

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