Poppy Project

March 10, 2020 0 comments

Poppy Project

As a Memorial School we have a deep connection with our past, in particular those locally members of the armed forces including those who have lost their life.

This connection is explored in many ways including contextual learning opportunities and active involvement in the local dawn ANZAC service and Remembrance Day.

In recognition of this and using the ‘Poppy 5000’ project and experiences of school families in other locations, the Parent and Friends Club have embarked on a community project to explore how many poppies can be knitted/crocheted to visually symbolise remembrance and sacrifice with the long-term vision (1-3years) enough for strands of poppies to hang from the school front fence/balcony.

In addition displays in local businesses and other opportunities are being explored.

Watch the school newsletter/facebook for details

Download guide to make poppy’s is below.

Easy Knitted Poppy

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