Mobile Phones or the Like Devices Guidelines

August 01, 2019 0 comments

KMS mobile phone guideline for public consultation

Mobile Phones
Mobile phones in educational environments continue to be a controversial topic, with New South Wales and Victoria banning them in schools. Within South Australia, many schools have also enforced their right to restrict the use of mobile phones.
Currently our mobile phone policy is under review with a committee of parents and teachers having collaborated in the writing of the new guidelines. They have taken on board best advice from several key areas, including teachers, researchers and our own Wellbeing Team to produce the document that is being shared within this newsletter.
Whilst what is contained within this document may seem like a big change to a few parents/carers, it is in fact, very similar to what already exists within the school, with most students not being able to use their phones during class time. Whilst some students are currently able to access their phones during break time, most do not, instead choosing to talk with their friends, read books in the library or involve themselves in an activity.
Over the next few weeks, parents/carers will be able to feed in their thoughts, both positive and negative, about the draft guidelines through this link: After August 24, this final set of data will be used to fine-tune the guidelines before releasing them in Term 4.

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